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Artist Statement



I am a storyteller telling stories with a paintbrush. The subject matters of my paintings revolve around the seemingly mundane aspects of a blue-collar Midwestern life. I am interested in delving into these environments and the objects within because, through these details, our stories evolve from ordinary to extraordinary.  



Moreover, by illuminating the prosaic factions of our lives, the observer is given an insight into each other's idiosyncrasies thus forming an understanding of and a stronger connection with one another. It is only through empathy that we can morph our plot lines into a beautiful, collective, revolution.     


I paint in an impressionistic realism style with acrylics and charcoals. Visible brushstrokes and distinguishable errors create a sense of struggle.  This struggle is the protagonist in all my works and is meant to enhance the themes of my paintings. Each piece contains failures, doubt, and frustration which then twist and transform into success, belief, and jubilation.  

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