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Megan Rieke is a professional artist and the Associate Gallery Director at SOHA Gallery in St. Louis, MO. She graduated from Webster University in 1999 with a B.A. in English/ Creative Writing and a minor in Fine Art and has nearly completed her A.A. in Studio Art.  

She has shown in dozens of gallery exhibitions, participates in many live art events and donates works to charities. She has commissioned paintings that adorn walls in NYC, Kansas City, Boston, Austin, Hanover, San Francisco and St. Louis.


Rieke was the former co-chair of the Urban Beautification Project wherein she and a multitude of volunteers painted 12,000 sq. feet of murals on St. Louis city dumpsters. She also partnered with other muralists to paint a 100' x 40' exterior wall in downtown St. Louis.


Megan spent her early 20’s travelling internationally and domestically.  She studied Art History and worked illegally in Dublin, backpacked around Europe, worked on a small cruise ship, lived in NYC volunteering for Americorps, and spent a year bumming around the country while working odd jobs.  Although these experiences taught her many practical and esoteric lessons, they did little to prepare her for domesticated life. After marrying and birthing 3 feral boys, parenthood remains more challenging and rewarding than any gypsy lifestyle.


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